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  • WWE RAW Report - 2/22/16
    Tuesday, February 23, 2016

    Whether Reigns has a broken nose or not, it should be sold like that. Keep him off TV for 3 weeks. Instead bring Rock out to confront the authority next week. Rock vows to train Roman and be in his corner at wrestlemania. 2  weeks later Rock goads Triple H into a WWE title match on Raw vs Rock. - match never gets started because of the League of Nations beating down on Rocky. Roman returns and makes the save.

    In other news are we gonna see Ryback v Goldberg?

    Looks like Ziggler will need to wait another year to get his 1-1 Mania match. 

    So it looks like we have:

    HHH v Reigns

    Brock v Dean Streetfight

    Taker v Shane HIAC 

    AJ v KO ?

    Ryback v Goldberg ?

    TLC tag match Dudleys v Usos v New Day ?

    Wyatts vs LON? 

    Amell v Stardust ?

    Divas 3-way..? If you include Paige it could be a 4-way

    Andre battle royal ...

    All things considered this could be a decent mania after all 






    Friday, February 19, 2016

    Kalisto retains. Owens retains. AJ wins. Charlotte wins convincingly. Becky/Sasha win. Wyatts win. And as much as I don't want to see it, Roman wins.


    Wrestlemania card...

    I agree with your TLC idea with USOs New Day and Dudleys. Seeds will be sown at Fast Lane. New Day retain.

    I was going to say Titus for the Battle Royal, but after his suspension I'm going with Strowman.

    Triple Threat for the IC title. AJ, Y2J, KO - Y2J wins his 10th title.

    US Title Ladder Match - with Kalisto defending and retaining against a lot of stars.

    Taker beats Sheamus.

    Brock vs Bray (as much as I hate the idea). Brock takes the Wyatt family to Suplex City.

    Reigns vs Triple H, with Ambrose in HHH's corner... yes ... HHH's corner. Reigns wins, potentially with an assist from Rocky, and Ronda.

    Stardust beats Amell.

    Sasha beats Charlotte (singles match, no Becky)


  • WWE Doing a Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman Singles Match at WM?
    Wednesday, January 20, 2016

    Terrible idea. Strowman? Really. Simply terrible.

    Now that Taker's streak is gone, Lesnar if he's not in the main event, is arguably the prize match for anyone on the roster. It's hard to think of someone less deserving.

  • Royal Rumble Likely Winners
    Monday, January 11, 2016

    I think the Triple Threat has been overdone in recent times. Whoever is in the main event, I think it should be booked as a singles match.

    Very hard to get anyone over properly in a triple threat... The last two years the champion lost the gold without being pinned. Too much protective booking. The only time a Triple Threat ever made sense at Wrestlemania was the 1st time it was ever done, excellently booked, made storyline sense at WM20 when Benoit won. The last two years were hastily booked triple threat matches which were late changes / backup plans because (a) cm punk / yes movement (b) reigns not being over. Yes they were both excellent matches and great moments, but WM20 was not only a great match but a well crafted and thought out booking from months out.

    The only viable triple threat I can picture is Reigns v Brock V HHH, which I don't agree with. Either have Reigns fight HHH or have reigns fight Brock. Both singles bouts make perfect sense but a triple threat does not.




    Friday, January 08, 2016

    You paint a correct (but grim) picture Stevious. WWE is short on main event talent.

    which is why I'd like to see an upper mid carder win the royal rumble with a very early number, which would elevate them up the pecking order considerably. By the time Wrestlemania comes along the hype train will turn them into a credible main event opponent for his challenger Brock Lesnar. Reigns and Triple H should have a 1-1 match with an extreme stipulation. The ideal rumble winner would be Daniel Bryan if WWE is willing to take that chance. If not, then from the active roster I would pick Dolph Ziggler (who criminally has never had a 1-1 match at Wrestlemania) - it's now or never for Dolph. At least with Ziggler WWE is always guaranteed a great match. Elsewhere on on the card I'd book Wyatts vs League of Nations, Undertaker vs KO (if Sting can't wrestle), Y2J to capture his 10th IC title against Dean, Cody vs Goldust, A divas title match, and Titus O'Neill to win the Battle Royal.








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