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 uk peepuk peepIntercontinental Champion4 years agoLikeReply
Nikki definitely turning on her sister. I thought they might of put Bryan in her corner instead just to get him on TV and give the match more hype.

Paige wins, the only way they can keep the feud going is for Paige to win. They can only have her lose so many times to AJ before she loses momentum.

Miz walks out with the title is a gimme.

Wyatt over Jericho as well.

Swagger is getting over so think he will beat Rusev

Ambrose over Rollins then these two go their separate ways.

Reigns is going straight through Orton and on to HHH. This guy is in the beginning of a mega face push.

Lesnar winning is to easy of a predication. Maybe a DQ win for Cena after a brutal beatdown setting up a bigger match at night of champions. 

 Clan SoloClan SoloX Division Champion4 years agoLikeReply
Paige to win.
Rollins. They will fight in some sort of hardcore or cage match at NoC. Lumberjack match is not a match ending fued type match.
Orton to win dirty. Or, possibly, Orton gets DQed and beats Reigns with a foreign object.
Lesnor to win. If Lesnor loses it makes the streak ending irrelevant. He has to win and the next match he loses has to be at WM.
 JerichoholicX Division Champion4 years agoLikeReply
I stand by the picks above.... I was a bit unsure about Reigns vs Orton and Rollins vs Ambrose... But here's my logic.

Reigns vs Orton. 

Roman Reigns vs HHH will happen at Survivor Series at the earliest, and there is Night of Champions and Hell in a Cell before that, which would suggest that the feud with Orton will continue a bit more.

(I have a sneaking suspicion WWE will once again try to push Batista as a face when he returns... <sigh> ... but perhaps they'll have more luck with the popularity of Guardians of the Galaxy)

In any case I think Reigns' next feud after Orton will be HHH, which as I say is a couple of months away.

In order for the feud with Orton to continue and in order for it to end with Reigns overcoming the adversity, it makes sense that Orton draws first blood.

Ambrose vs Rollins.

I am 100% sure Ambrose wins this.

If Rollins is booked to win the match, Ambrose would have stipulated the briefcase to be on the line to sell the match. Rollins would win and the briefcase would remain with him.

If Ambrose is booked to win the match, he cannot stipulate that the briefcase is on the line if WWE wants to keep it with Seth Rollins. So they came up with a Lumberjack match.
 Mysterio MonkeyMysterio MonkeyX Division Champion4 years agoLikeReply
The obvious predection is that Cena and Lesner have a really good, brutal, match, with praise heaped on it by "astonished" AW members......and the next day the site is full of posts about how terrible Cena is.

My guess is that WWE employ people to follow online predictions and are prepared to change the current finishes at the last second depending on what is being said......especially on this card where really only the finish on the main match is important. I hope they add some form of swerve (other than the Bella vs SM one) or it's going to be like an extra RAW rather than a PPV
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