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 pocketpocket *TrollIcon10 years agoLikeReply
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rtn shld wn th Rmbl, bt wth hlp f crs frm  Cdy nd th thrs (whmvr thy r ?) t shld b 1st tm wnr, Jrch, rtn nd 'dg ll cm t mnd bt 'dg s lrdy n ttl mtch nd Jrch hs jst hld fr whl s t sms th bvs chc, pls th mny mtch t Mn s Cn v rtn
 nWo_4lifeCruiserweight Champion10 years agoLikeReply
My picks at the moment.

World Heavyweight Title
John Cena vs. Randy Orton (Royal Rumble winner)

WWE Title
Edge vs. Triple H (Elimination Chamber winner once again)

ECW Title
Matt Hardy vs. Vladamir Kozlov

Jeff Hardy vs. Christian

Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels (probably punishment from JBL for not helping him win the title at the rumble)

Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho

Money In The Bank
John Morrison, Cody Rhodes, CM Punk, Shelton Benjamin, MVP, Jack Swagger, Umaga and Big Show (just cos I'd love to see him in a ladder match!)

Women's match
It's a given that a women's match will happen but it depends on how they go for this, it could be single branded or cross branded, whoever posed for playboy is a safe bet I would say, but given that there are now 2 divas divisions, this could be done in many ways.

Legends Match
Since it's Wrestlemania 25 it wouldn't surprise me if they had some kind of legends battle royal match, pulling in all of the older guys they've used in recent years including road agents and others.
 rever27Jobber10 years agoLikeReply
Stone Cold vs. JBL

Micheal's vs. Taker

Christan vs. Jeff Hardy

Kofi, Miz, Carlito, Punk, Finley, MVP

Priceless vs. Manu/Snuka

Edge vs. HHH

Cena vs. Orton
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