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 John SpartanJohn Spartan *
United States Champion8 years agoLikeReply
lol, did a google search for royal rumble 2011 and this was on wikipedia (yeah I know, but I still thought it was funny.)

↓ Event↓ Date↓ City↓ Venue↓ Winner↓ Entry #↓ Ref.
Royal Rumble (1988) January 24, 1988 Hamilton, Ontario Copps Coliseum Jim Duggan 13 [25][26]
Royal Rumble (1989) January 15, 1989 Houston, Texas The Summit Big John Studd 27 [27][28]
Royal Rumble (1990) January 21, 1990 Orlando, Florida Amway Arena Hulk Hogan 25 [29][30]
Royal Rumble (1991) January 19, 1991 Miami, Florida Miami Arena Hulk Hogan 24 [31][32]
Royal Rumble (1992) January 19, 1992 Albany, New York Knickerbocker Arena Ric Flair 3 [33][34]
Royal Rumble (1993) January 24, 1993 Sacramento, California ARCO Arena Yokozuna 27 [35][36]
Royal Rumble (1994) January 22, 1994 Providence, Rhode Island Providence Civic Center Bret Hart
Lex Luger
Royal Rumble (1995) January 22, 1995 Tampa, Florida USF Sun Dome Shawn Michaels 1 [39][40]
Royal Rumble (1996) January 21, 1996 Fresno, California Selland Arena Shawn Michaels 18 [41][42]
Royal Rumble (1997) January 19, 1997 San Antonio, Texas Alamodome Steve Austin 5 [43][44]
Royal Rumble (1998) January 18, 1998 San Jose, California San Jose Arena Steve Austin 24 [45][46][47]
Royal Rumble (1999) January 24, 1999 Anaheim, California Arrowhead Pond Vince McMahon 2 [48][49][50]
Royal Rumble (2000) January 23, 2000 New York, New York Madison Square Garden The Rock 24 [51][52][53]
Royal Rumble (2001) January 21, 2001 New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans Arena Steve Austin 27 [54][55][56]
Royal Rumble (2002) January 20, 2002 Atlanta, Georgia Philips Arena Triple H 22 [57][58][59]
Royal Rumble (2003) January 19, 2003 Boston, Massachusetts Fleet Center Brock Lesnar 29 [60][61]
Royal Rumble (2004) January 25, 2004 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Wachovia Center Chris Benoit 1 [62][63][64]
Royal Rumble (2005) January 30, 2005 Fresno, California Save Mart Center Batista 28 [65][66][67]
Royal Rumble (2006) January 29, 2006 Miami, Florida American Airlines Arena Rey Mysterio 2 [68][69][70]
Royal Rumble (2007) January 28, 2007 San Antonio, Texas AT&T Center The Undertaker 30 [71][72][73]
Royal Rumble (2008) January 27, 2008 New York, New York Madison Square Garden John Cena 30 [74][75][76]
Royal Rumble (2009) January 25, 2009 Detroit, Michigan Joe Louis Arena Randy Orton 8 [77][78]
Royal Rumble (2010) January 31, 2010 Atlanta, Georgia Philips Arena Edge 29 [79][80]
Royal Rumble (2011) January 30, 2011 Boston, Massachusetts TD Garden Booker T 40 [81]
 John SpartanJohn Spartan *
United States Champion8 years agoLikeReply
Now for a semi-serious response, I'd like to see Morrison or Del Rio win it...even Cena wouldn't really bother me all that much, he's been out of the title picture for months now. I could realistically see Edge vs. Del Rio as a main event, that makes sense...if Cena or Morrison wins he wrestles a heel champ, but who? Miz retains vs. Orton (unlikely), Orton beats Miz and turns heel (nah), those pieces don't fit any puzzle...after their RAW match Miz vs Morrison could be a solid main event, but that doesn't seem too likely either...unless the belt changes hands at Elimination Chamber also to complicate matters.

For the longshot pick, I'll go with Jericho, although I doubt we get that lucky.

I don't really get the 40 participants thing, nobody is going to remember how many people were in as opposed to who wins, whatever.
 GoldStandardGoldStandardCruiserweight Champion8 years agoLikeReply
My pick is honestly Del Rio setting up Del Rio vs Edge at Mania.
I think Punk an the new Nexus will attack Orton costing him the WWE title and then Cena will Eliminate all of the members including Punk and then Mason Ryan will run in and attack Cena and throw him out of the ring. 2 weeks later on RAW Miz vs Cena for the title cause Cena got robbed as Ryan wasnt a entrant in the rumble so he gets a shot at Miz. Nexus run in again and Orton makes the Save. pretty much setting up a fatal 4 way at Mania.
 sodhatCruiserweight Champion8 years agoLikeReply
I think Cena would go to Mania as champ and Punk (my rumble pick) would be challenging.

I would also hope, then, that Punk wins at WM. But knowing WWE, they will book a fairytale ending of a face overcoming the odds...still, imagine how strong Punk could look with a win.

 HBKisGODHBKisGODHeavy Weight Champion8 years agoLikeReply
Cena is winning the rumble, all things point out to him being the winner and once again main event WM and win the championship for the 900th time , same sh## , different year.

My pick for winning the rumble if Christian's not available is Alberto Del Rio and him wrestling Edge at Mania. Ofcourse Christian vs Edge can be epic .
 SuperflySuperflyJobber8 years agoLikeReply
They are definitely going to use the Rumble to get the Nexus and Core groups over and I doubt Barrett is getting a title match at WM.  So, I think Punk is going to win it this year and face Cena for the belt (Cena will win it at the Chamber next month).  As far as ADR goes, I am a huge fan but I don't think he's got quite the cred to headline WM yet. I think he'll be ready next year but not quite yet...
 Herr NitestalkerHerr Nitestalker *
Hall Of Famer8 years agoLikeReply
The WWE is so short on top stars right now I think a younger guy is going to win the rumble, hoping that it will elevate his career.  My pick is Morrison, he is both qualified and ready for the next step. 
 CMorrison Punk SocietyCMorrison Punk SocietyHeavy Weight Champion8 years agoLikeReply
I'm really digging this newfangled respect and confidence in JoMo on these boards. Seems like only yesterday everybody was telling me he'd never cut it :D... buahhaha.

But like somebody's already said, who the hell would he face? JoMo needs to win his first title in some sort of memorable fashion against some sort of legitimized steadfast main-event heel. The Miz is far from that; he's still a nubile (Do we even have a steadfast heel left in the business? Lol... I dont' think so. Not since Jericho and Batista left. That's why I feel Orton and Edge need to revert back to heel... You can't make any new steadfast babyfaces without a few veteran and steadfast heels. I'm feeling that this is why you have so many young heels on top of the business and only JoMo [thanks to a slightly steadfast heel in Sheamus] and Bryan and a very insignificant amount of other babyfaces standing out as this time.)
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