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 Bubba ArmyBubba ArmyX Division Champion7 years agoLikeReply
1) Undertaker's final match will be against HBK and HBK will finally break that streak that eluded him and tormented him for two years (and which led to the end of his career)... Then the Undertaker will retire and HBK will go back into retirement. I think that would be the most memorable of the possibilities.

2) Zack Ryder sucks. He'll never perform at Wrestlemania. WWE knows he can't wrestle but they realize he has a large internet following so they've given him 2006-Miz's job.
 JerichoholicX Division Champion7 years agoLikeReply
You are right about too many matches - i'm happy with the first 7, after that WWE will do what they can to get as many on the card as possible....

You also have a point about not having enough legends like HBK HHH and Austin... There is every chance they will feature somehow, but might not actually wrestle. For WM27 HHH stepped in to challenge Taker because they felt that the event didn't have a "marquee" matchup. At WM28 they have Rock vs Cena which is so huge that it will sell the show on its own... so there isn't as much a need for a one-off veteran appearance in my opinion... That being said, if Austin decides to dust off the old kneepads to challenge Taker, then i'd be freakin delighted!

The point about Zack's current in ring ability being limited is correct, but nobody can deny his current drawing ability outside the ring - i think WWE are very clever to put him on SD as Teddy's assistant. The comparison to 2006 Miz is an interesting one... 5 years later Miz was victorious in the main event at WM, so to say that Ryder will never compete at WM might be premature...

feedback always welcome - when Mania comes along i'll re-visit this blog and check how many matches i had correct LOL
 CMorrison Punk SocietyCMorrison Punk SocietyHeavy Weight Champion7 years agoLikeReply
Ryder is one of the younger guys on the roster. He has a bit of time to improve his ring-game and to garner a more universal type of appeal. He's won over the internet audience. Now he just has the other 90% of the fans to reclaim.
 Miami ProdigyMiami ProdigyIntercontinental Champion7 years agoLikeReply
Wrestlemania 28 is looking really, really good.... with the possibility of the rock being inducted in the HOF on saturday night and most likely having his last match in his hometown AND the undertaker possibly going 20 and 0.... who can also have his last match in Miami... this ppv has the possibility to be as good as wrestlemanian 17.

there will be about 7 to 8 matches

1.daniel brian cashes the MITB against smackdowns champ.... Most likely  randy orton.

2.divas match.... most likely a battle royal to showcase all the divas.... who really cares.

3.the annual 4 on 4 match that will last for 2 mins

4.sin cara vs rey mysterio..... the spanish community in miami will eat this match up.... I know that... the WWE knows that.

5.A united states or intercontinental title match.....

6. I dont know, I cant really think straight.... maybe a tag team title match.
finally the two reason's why anyone should order this ppv.

7.undertaker vs ?
if undertaker competes at wrestlemania 28 there is a 99.9% chance that this will be his last match (cause god knows he cant go another 5 years to go 25-0) so whoever his opponent is has to be someone special and I dont think anyone on the roster excluding punk or cena deserves to be taker's last opponent..... my top 3 picks for undertaker would have to be brock lesnar, stone cold steve austin or cm punk.... my personal pick is lesnar.... if the wwe can pay floyd mayweather 20 million dollars, the wwe can work out a deal with UFC and brock..... After taker goes 20 and 0 or 19 and 1.... that's it... it will be taker's last match.

8.rock vs cena for the WWE title 
if john cena said the title will be on the line.... the title will be on the line, period.....the rock beat hulk hogan(past), the rock beat Austin(during his time, the present) and the rock will beat john cena (the future)..... OR....  zack ryder interferes and cost the rock the match and john cena and zack ryder start kissing each other.... one or the other.
 RatedRKO21United States Champion7 years agoLikeReply

No offense man but I don't foresee much of any of this going down nore would I want to.

A 4-Way Ladder match for the US Title? Highly unlikely although interesting concept. 4-Way Tag match, also unlikely and The Usos are the best thing in the division right now so them not being in that would be a crime. I don't see Marella & Kozlov being together by then and Cara/Mysterio would shock me.

Undertaker having his last match I can understand and even against Kane makes some sense. But if your going out you should go out in a high profile feud. Not in a half ass "Undertaker's last match" deal where he faces Kane(who is on the kick of being gay again). Cena & Rock is obvious but I could see Rock pulling out.

I would agree Orton will main event Mania in the title picture but it wont be against Bryan. Bank on Bryan losing the briefcase in the next few months. And Alberto vs Punk wouldn't be bad but I can't see it happening.

Ryder wont be in a match unless they are smart enough to put him with Hawkins and make the tag titles matter and have them in a Tag Title match at Mania... fat chance.

Jericho & Miz I doubt it, Big Show vs Christian seems way out in left field. Same with the Divas match.

No IC Title match, Cody & Ted I could see happening but carrying it out over the next 8 months. I mean this is the WWE were talking about, if this is supposed to be your predictions for what will actually happen I think your going to be way off. However if this is what you'd like to see happen, then whatever.
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