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 JerichoholicX Division Champion6 years agoLikeReply
My apologies, yep, the Bret vs Austin followed by the Hart Foundation aint-USA crusade should definitely be in the top ten, i guess i can't remember them all! lol
 MRUNHOLYIntercontinental Champion6 years agoLikeReply
The nexus storyline did give me some hope that wwe was finally was going to start pushing some of thier younger talent .

But unless you want to say Wade Barrett is a main eventer now because of the group thats it nobody else out of the group has done anything since that group disbanded.
David Otunga was Johnny Ace gofer now you wont see him since big johnny is no longer GM.
Heath slater has became a jobber. Ryback is a GoldBerg rip-off who hasn't been in a match with anybody has of yet worth talking about. T-Oneill and D-Young are getting a
little of a push in a non-existing tagdivison. So I wouldn't call them memorable.

C.M. Punk did have a memorable promo or pipebomb. As for him leaving with the wwe title and coming back with it let me ask you this where did he go with it ? No where he had when he went to a indy show which he didn't perfrom at btw and if he really quit wwe he wouldn't been allowed to appear at the indy show due to the 90 day clause and do you really think Vince would let him leave with the wwe belt? You see the wwe had a golden chance to make this into the biggest storyline in a long time and they failed big time. First if C.M. Punk  really quit why was wwe camreas ever where he was at when he wasn't an wwe employee at the time?

Speaking of  Punk this storyline with him and AJ and Daniel Bryan is making punk and bryan look like goofballs Imean you got two very talented guys and you have them look soft this is why I can't get behind the wwe has much as I use to make guys like punk and bryan and even kane who when he came back with his mask back on was the big red monster of old and now all of sudden he looks like the kane he was before he got hurt by Del-rio. All this happen when wwe put him in this AJ storyline last monday he was teaming with Cena and they looked pretty good for two guys who seemly hated each other a few months ago.

The UnderTaker is the only one who wwe has never screwed around with to much so far and is a true legend.
 Saul TighSaul TighCruiserweight Champion6 years agoLikeReply
I disagree with the reason you picked Kane at ten. The Katie Vick storyline is more memorable than his first match with Taker. Also, the HBK and JBL storyline was boring and too short, to see Hickenbottom trying to look pathetic was truly pathetic.

A few other more memorable storylines was the Steph and Test wedding, Taker sacrificing Steph, the Hardcore title 24/7 rule Crash Holly started and Rock vs Hogan.
 J-GodJ-GodCruiserweight Champion6 years agoLikeReply
My favorite storyline of recent memory is the Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio storyline that made Eddie the ultimate heel. Everyone just hated him at that time, and that heel turn made him even more loved by the time Eddie died. Really personal storyline.

You guys pretty much listed all my other favorite rivalries so I won't go any further than what I already suggested.
 aka_iceaka_iceUnited States Champion6 years agoLikeReply
I thought that the DX vs NOD fued was pretty good.  I loved impressions of NOD by DX.  That was actually DX at it's best as well.
 Herr NitestalkerHerr Nitestalker *
Hall Of Famer6 years agoLikeReply
I always thought the HHH-Batista face turn/evolution break up was a cool storyline...  the whole buildup to their match at WM was done superbly well and it made Batista a star...
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