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 The_SuperstarThe_SuperstarCruiserweight Champion5 years agoLikeReply
Cena doesn't need to turn heel, he just needs a mega-heel to combat him, not one that plays the coward role and eventually loses to him in typical Cena fashion. Cena needs Orton to turn heel and regain some steam as the top heel in the company. Punk has been devalued as the coward champion who takes shortcuts and barely wins his title matches, not to say it's bad but it doesn't make him look strong. Orton needs to turn heel and go on a rampage destroying face competition CLEANLY. After Orton is established as THE top heel they can throw him into another feud with Cena. Cena can't turn heel because there's not a single superstar that can replace him as the face of the company.

I'm hoping they slowly build Ziggler/AJ into an Edge/Lita sort of couple, which it looks like they are, but at this point he's certainly not ready to be world champion. He needs to cash in after he has a huge underhanded victory, perhaps at Wrestlemania, in order to maximize the heat.

My nephew was playing his WWE game and he had Yoshi Tatsu and Tensai teaming together as a heel tag looked good.

Side note, Cesaro needs to dump the US Title for the European Title before his current "I'm better than the US" shtick reaches zero interest.

Sheamus is better off face, just not so damn jolly. I'm tired of his Irish stories and endless usage of the word "fella".

IDC about the Miz in all honesty, besides the beatdowns that occasionally occur on his show he's completely bland as a face.

I guess Kane and Bryan are good where they are. They need to focus ONLY on the tag division though; no more distractions from outside.

I wanna see Justin Gabriel get a mid-card push against Wade Barrett.

The Shield needs to add another member or two; perhaps a new tag team and/or a woman.

MORE PROMOS from one's gonna get over if they don't actually communicate with the fans.

I would blow up the entire earth as long as I knew the Great Khali, Hornswoggle, Brodus Clay and Kanye West would be the first people to die...that's all

I know this blog was about face/heel turns but I figured I mind as well throw in my 2 cents on a bunch of other sh##...
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 MRUNHOLYIntercontinental Champion5 years agoLikeReply
Thanks for the comments guys. Steve I got no problem with your post on this blog your saying what you feel it's cool.
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 Herr NitestalkerHerr Nitestalker *
Hall Of Famer5 years agoLikeReply
Cena and Orton both need to turn heel... I also think there will be quite a few releases this year..... 3mb might be better if they actually brought guitars with them to the ring....
 TheMarkTheMarkHeavy Weight Champion5 years agoLikeReply
Kofi needs to go..
 MRUNHOLYIntercontinental Champion5 years agoLikeReply
you're correct I never thought about that so the Big Shows jobbed to ADR so Zigger could cash in the mib case on ADR not Show. If it happens ADR has another brief title run this time a whc title run of what three weeks.
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 BamBamSavageBamBamSavageJobber5 years agoLikeReply
I agree that CM Punk's whole "respect gimmick" has gotten completely annoying, completely fast. I can't stand to listen to his promos anymore. As for Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler, I like them as heels (especially Dolph) and both play their roles really well.
 JerichoholicX Division Champion5 years agoLikeReply
People who should have a heel turn now:

Orton --> i think we all agree on that one.
Kofi --> might make the guy interesting.
Truth --> His best work was his short heel run.

Someone who should have a face turn now:

Big E --> he is VERY over in NXT

My favourite heel at the moment

Sandow --> he is doing a brilliant job.
Honourable mention to Cesaro

Someone who should have a face turn in a year or two's time.

Ziggler --> he is too damn cool to be a heel. Getting better and wittier on the mic each week, and being marketed as the SHOWOFF, and one of the best in ring performers at the moment. He is the new HBK potentially. WWE have even given him the superkick. He should use it as his main finisher. But he's mid-30s so WWE shouldn't waste time putting the belt on him. As soon as he has cememted his main event status, he should get screwed out of the title and begin a big face run, he'd be over the top if they did it right.

Someone who should be a long term tweener:

CM Punk --> they should have bottled the magic he was creating in the first few months after his Vega Pipe-bomb. He was dishing out the insults in equal measure to Nash (heel) and HHH (face). His promos with HHH were brilliant. A natural successor to Stone Cold, but better in the ring and better on the mic. Hopefully they put him back in that tweener space once his title reign ends.
 TwainTwainJobber5 years agoLikeReply
This may be controversial, but I'd say turn Zack Ryder into a heel.  Sure, he's a crowd pleaser, but it seems he's underppreciated.  I think it would be interesting if he denounce his status as a jovial dude and evolve into the opposite. 
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