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 TheMan__X Division Champion5 years agoLikeReply
TheMan says: Besides that face stretch after the injury when he and Stephanie completely buried Jericho, HHH was never compelling on his own. Always needed a faction. His run during the Katie Vick era was absolutely dreadful. Unwatchable. Solid worker though. Decent, not great on the mic. Was part of some very memorable moments. The Two-Man Power Trip was a good one.

TheMan says: I've seen no rebuild in the tag division. Just the same superteam format they've been following on and off for the last few years. The matches have been good though.

TheMan continues: Guys like The Rock and Austin aren't staying away because of scripted promos. They could probably have the leeway to ad lib if they wanted. Simply put, they wouldn't be nearly as effective in this day and age on the mic because they can't curse. That's not really WWE's fault. The world we live in is too politically correct to have guys going out there freestyling, especially since there are very few guys on the roster capable of doing it.
 snubtno3snubtno3Cruiserweight Champion5 years agoLikeReply
I don't know if you was watching WWF back then but the Foley feud was brilliant to watch and i would put that as my #1. And the fact that HHH was the first heel at Wrestlemania (2000) to close the show with the WWF title.(Yokozuna won the belt but lost it to Hogan in 93)  I like youre blogs though always a good read! 
 TechnodromeTechnodromeIcon5 years agoLikeReply
Nice blog.  Triple H has had a very memorable career.  For better or worse.  And as much as people hate on him he truly loves the wrestling business and that's what I respect most about him.  My favorite Triple H match was from SummerSlam 2002.  Amazing match to this day.  As for the future of H I say he needs to pass his "torch" to a younger talent.  I'd love to see Ziggler cut some nasty promos on H.  Or even Bray Wyatt destroying him on the mic and in the ring.  In fact I think Bray would be the perfect wrassler for H to retire.
 JerichoholicX Division Champion5 years agoLikeReply

The 2000 feud with Foley was a tough one to omit from my 5, but I find it even harder to omit any of the 5 that I have picked.

Interesting point about Batista, losing 3 times to him was definitely a turning point, and as someone pointed out, Foley did it for HHH earlier in his career.

 MRUNHOLYIntercontinental Champion5 years agoLikeReply
Triple H is the most overratted wrestler of his era sure he has had some great matches but that doesn' t make  him one of the greats. He has made it to place he is at right now not because he is so talented but because who he surrounds his self with ala Shawn Michaels ,he had a affair with the bosses daugther and of course is now married to her and is set to take over the when Vince retires or passes away which ever comes first and from what I've seen so far it's not going to be a good thing when HHH takes over.

Now that he is basically running the show even if vince does have last say on everthing . Let's take a look of a few of his judgement calls . His first talent signed SIN-Cara epic fail nobody can say other wise. C.M. Punk the longest runinng WWE champion in the last 25 years drops the famous pipebomb and walks out with the WWE belt we're suppose to believe he is no longer under contract with the WWE TITLE and he shows up with the Belt at an Indy wrestling show with a WWE camera crew following him as well a WWE camera crew shows up at a press confrence now tell me what wrestling company exspeically the WWE is going to follow a fromer employee around ?

More recently John Cena has elbow surgery out for 4-5 months perfect time to build on the future at first it looked like finally HHH is doing the right thing bybuilding on Daniel Bryan's fastly growing fans base and easily the hottest star in the WWE  in years has what two title wins only to be taken away for some reason ok I get it HHH has turned heel and is a powertrip but when doesn't keep the title on the hottest star of this era in years he is more over then anyone has been in years  and he puts the title on one of his biest friends in Randy Orton who is great as a heel no question but is no where near as over as Daniel Bryan instead knocking Bryan down to a midcarder and with the early return of John Cena you have the perfect time to turn Cena heel and you blow that chance again epic fail.

My point being HHH has the power to turn things around but has no Idea how to do it and instead of putting over some rising stars he is gonna face an all ready over CM Punk at wm30 instead of having Punk put over a guy like Roman Reigns I know there is still a chance that match can happen at WM30 but I highly doubt it . Instead of having a current rising Superstar challenging whoever wins the WWE world title match  at RR between Orton, Cena at WM30 the rumor going around is that returning Batista will win the RR and win the belt at WM30.

 Quintus L. BatiatusQuintus L. BatiatusIntercontinental Champion5 years agoLikeReply
Good blog. You should of added some vids for the matches you were talking about but still...good blog.

If someone had told me Paul Levesque would be the Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events...would have multiple title reigns and married the boss' daughter during that WM match between Triple H and Warrior...I would of pointed and laughed at the person telling me that.

The only thing that made Triple H 'great' and memorable is that he's better villain than he is a wrestler. His face runs showed how terrible he is and the only time he ever had any oopma is when he's latched onto another person or group to make him seem bigger than he really is.

Yeah he's given us some great moments but those moments involved bigger and better wrestlers like Austin and The Rock. I loved their feuds because he was that villain they needed so he maybe a cu## in the ring and behind the scenes but he gave me some memorable moments not for being that damn good but for being that damn villain.

I'd rather have a WWE with Triple H..than without Triple H.
 JerichoholicX Division Champion5 years agoLikeReply
There is varying opinion but I think the consensus is that:

Triple H was a way better heel than a face. (I agree.)
He would have had a very successful career with or without Stephanie. (I agree.) 
Triple H is more comfortable in a group than going alone. (I agree.)
His feud with Mick Foley was pivotal to his career success. (I agree, even though I didn't include it in my top 5 feuds. I genuinely believe that, while not as pivotal, the 5 feuds I have listed were better.)
Triple H is borderline when it comes to being in people's top 10. (He's easily in my top ten but I started watching wrestling from 1994 onwards so don't include people before that.)

All in all, this blog seems to have generated good discussion, about both his in-ring career and his creative control role, which is great.

I'll do another one soon. As someone suggested in the comments if I can add youtube links for the memorable 5 matches next time I'll dig 'em up. 

Thanks for the comments.
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