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 Miami ProdigyMiami ProdigyIntercontinental Champion5 years agoLikeReply
I don't think it's a work either..... if it was.... WWE would have made a statement by now and punk would have sold it on twitter. This seems legit, but the question is why quit now?

I personally think this is just frustration and I think he just had enough..... for now, at least..... with Mania season coming up, I would think it's an exciting time, not just for us fans but for wrestlers as well.... punk must of known something and probably just said "fu## it".... Maybe it's because he heard he would have faced hhh? or maybe he's upset about d.bryan not getting a main event spot? maybe he's upset with brock and batista being pushed hard when you have wrestlers like ziggler busting there asses all year long? maybe he's upset with AJ loosing to naomi's ass?  who knows....

But do I think punk is completely done with the WWE.... NO.... that's why I think punk and the WWE are treading lightly with this story...... A scenario that I think will happen is that punk will have the month of Febuary off and come back after the EC ppv.... This way he can clear his head and come back in time for wrestlemania..... If that doesn't happen.... than hey.... Punk is gone and the show must go on.

Great Blog.....
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 Glorious Rules!Glorious Rules!Heavy Weight Champion5 years agoLikeReply
To be honest I'm surprised Punk lasted this long.  He seems to have too much edge to be in this PG era. As with others I thought three years ago when he dropped that "pipe bomb" that they might actually start to get a little edge and break away from the family friendly crap that they continue to put out. Sadly we're in the PG Era  and this is how it's going to be. Lastly if I were Punk I'd be pretty pissed off too if all these guys comeback to wrestle part time and take away spots from guys who put in the time year round. At the very least the part time guys should put over the younger talents to get them going and build on the next generation. 
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 AW Executive Vice PresidentAW Executive Vice PresidentIcon5 years agoLikeReply
If CM Punk finally parts ways with WWE, he could drop a bombshell and go work for Jeff Jarretts new promotion, if it is indeed a promotion that he is working on. Together they can run TNA into the ground and then set sites on really giving WWE a run for its money.
 TheMan__X Division Champion5 years agoLikeReply
TheMan says: 1 and 5. Punk thinks he's bigger than he actually is. The only way he main events WrestleMania is if Cena is his opponent, since Cena's polarity pushes him over the top and makes him look like a superstar in their programs.  He was an undercard champion during his year-long reign and could barely main event regular PPVs, let alone main eventing WM. He wasn't the draw he should've been and that's not the writers' faults.  I don't buy for a second that Punk put his neck on the line for those other guys. He's using Daniel Bryan as a scapegoat to whine.

TheMan says: And Punk's WM matches weren't main events, plain and simple. They shouldn't have been considered that in anyone's eyes. Punk is a solid worker, solid on the mic and can be the main player in small doses. There's nothing wrong with that. WrestleMania is a spectacle. You can reward "guys who work full time" at all the other PPVs. WrestleMania, put on the biggest show possible. They should call his bluff and let him go for a while. His ego won't allow him to join TNA. If he keeps his word and stays away though, I'll have to tip my hat to him.
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 span2jensenspan2jensenJobber5 years agoLikeReply
I think that maybe they are trying to play this out so it really doesn't feel like a work. Now one way I could see this playing out is punk simply taking some time to recharge and rest. Going only mania I see the authority being confronted by If. McMahon himself trying to take his company back. Obviously it would be Hunter vs an opponent of Vinces choosing. This would make for a great way for Punk to make a big impact at mania without having to work til the actual day. Now what about Began you ask... Well I could see them finding a way to insert him in the title picture at mania. Have him make prying tap while he gets pinned at the chamber. Thus making mania a triple threat.

I realize its a stretch but hey anything is possible.
 Herr NitestalkerHerr Nitestalker *
Hall Of Famer5 years agoLikeReply
I don't blame Punk for leaving or being pissed... I think he's reached his apex anyways.... A break might be good for him....
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 AW Executive Vice PresidentAW Executive Vice PresidentIcon5 years agoLikeReply
Look. I can see this from Punk's point of view. Yes, he had the longest reign with the WWE Championship in the last 2 decades. After losing the title to The Rock, and then losing to The Undertaker, CM Punk has done nothing very memorable. Well, the feud with Lesnar was decent I suppose. But what is his reward for all that, losing to Triple H at WrestleMania? If thats not enough frustration for him, add in the part timers getting the top spot while those who work 24/7 are left in the mid-card or lower. Still not frustrating enough? Add in the fact that CM Punk works more house shows and live TV events than any other superstar. Does this automatically make it to where he should headline WrestleMania? No, it doesn't. But I will say this: WrestleMania 30 is a big deal, or at least it should be. And if they are going to use that platform to give the title to Batista, I will be a little sick to my stomach. That being said, CM Punk is not the "end all be all" of the WWE. Him leaving wouldn't have the same effect as someone like John Cena leaving. WWE already bent over backwards for Punk with his last little spat. Who else gets not only an intro that WWE has to pay royalties on for Cult of Personality, but also a championship reign of over a YEAR, which hasn't be rivaled since the 90's. If he is just going to be perpetually unhappy, let him go. The show isn't called "WWE's CM Punk". The WWE Universe doesn't revolve around Punk.
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 Mysterio MonkeyMysterio MonkeyX Division Champion5 years agoLikeReply
Nobody has been rammed down the viewers throats more than CM Punk over the last 3-4 years. He's employed to act out what is written for him, those are the terms of his contract and why he gets all the money. WWE have spent vast sums of cash on promoting him, even externally buying him a theme tune. If this is a genuine walk out, sack him and have done with it. While he's a decent worker, Bryan has had less to work with but has made far more of it, hence them building the company round him atm.

The Rock, Batista and Jericho have long since paid their dues. That's why they can come in, have good runs, and go straight into the main event. They already busted their asses over far longer periods than pricks like Phil Brooks. Brock Lesner won the UFC championship after leaving WWE.....I'd say that qualifys him to come straight back in at the top. Wrestlemania is built round a part timer,,,,,,and love or hate HHH, he's a 20+ year veteran that is making a decent fist of his current role. If Punk is asked to lay down for him then that's exactly what he should do. All of those other guys have drawn serious money.....Punk can't even produce a blip in the ratings despite having had millions lavished on him

If he's burned out, fine, give him a rest. Walking out is bad for everyone, especially in the entertainment business. This is exactly why Cena remains on can trust Cena to just go out there and get on with it.
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 MRUNHOLYIntercontinental Champion5 years agoLikeReply
If this is a work both CM Punk and WWE is keeping it close to the vest . I mean the last time Punk supposely walked out of the WWE ( Anybody who thought Punk actually quit the WWE then will doesn't know as much about the WWE and Vince as they think they do). This time Punk hasn't been followed around with a WWE camera crew so far until that happens I'm leaning towards Punk took his ball and went home for awhile for how long I don't know maybe for a few weeks or for a few months or for good we'll will have to wait and see.
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