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  • Meltzer: Charlotte Will Be Part of RAW Women's Title Mania Match
    Wednesday, February 06, 2019
    In other words, he has no idea if it's going to be a Triple Threat match or not because he gives no actual source/proof. Not saying it won't end up being one, but fans would likely revolt as we want the match we were promised months ago. There is no need for Charlotte in the match, and putting her in this match would actually take away one extra potentially great match they could have between her and Asuka.
  • Forbes Article Calls Push for Becky Lynch Into Question
    Wednesday, January 09, 2019
    While some of the things Blake said in the Forbes article are indeed true, it's as if he put little thought into what he was writing. It's a little hard to really put doubt into Becky's push when it just started only a few months ago, which he mentions in the article. It would be a surprise if she didn't end up becoming a difference maker/big draw like those listed, but it takes time. You see several of Becky's shirts in the crowd at both RAW and Smackdown on a weekly basis, and of course several signs in the crowd on Smackdown. If this article was written a year from now and nothing had really changed, then I wouldn't think there was anything wrong with that article.

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