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  • WWE Smackdown Status
    Tuesday, September 29, 2015

    Thoughts on improving Smackdown...

    Make it live.

    Advance Raw storylines. Make it clear that you could miss something big from one raw to the next.

    Make either the IC or US title exclusive to Smackdown. A US Open challenge each week on Smackdown would be a good start.


    One NXT Match per week.

    A General Manager.

    The problem with smackdown is the fact WWE have no competition and have become lazy. There is no incentive for the writers and crew to double their efforts..


  • Some thoughts on NOC tonight
    Monday, September 21, 2015
    I think that's my worst PPV Pick em EVER.
  • WWE Night of Champions Report - 9/20/15
    Sunday, September 20, 2015
    Gotta love that trombone. It's more over than most of the roster!
  • Where the heck is everyone?
    Sunday, September 13, 2015
    short blog and to the point....
  • WWE RAW Report - 8/24/15
    Monday, August 24, 2015
    I wonder who's happening where the statue is supposed to be......

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